How to Get Free Robux: 10 Ways

Getting Robux is simple when you know where to begin. Not necessarily easy, but simple!

Let’s start with a definition as we always do, to make sure that we’re all on the same page here.

Robux is the main currency in Roblox. You need enough Robux to buy items for your character or main player. There’s a wide catalog of diverse items that you can purchase.


Robux, the primary currency of the Roblox game, is everything inside that world. It lets you do in game customizations, buy power ups, helps with building, gives you upgrades you can’t get for free….

From upgrading your avatar, to buying powers and abilities, Robux is the only way to get the max out of the games within the Roblox world. The more upgrades you buy, the more fun you can purchase within the game.

Yeah – it’s pretty important all things considered.

Players will typically get Robux from doing various in-game tasks and completing missions, and get some more Robux from in-game achievements that come about during play. But it isn’t going to be enough for the majority of players. So many things to buy and so little Robux to go around…

If you’re an avid Roblox gamer you’re going to need more than that.

Getting more Robux typically involves money. You can purchase Robux from the official website. So, most people either whip out their wallets or ask their parents for some cash.

Most people will simply sign up for Builders Club, which is the most common way and involves a monthly fee to be a member. And getting Robux is a perk of being in the club.

That said, paying for Robux isn’t the only way. You can get Robux for free if you know what you’re doing! This involves getting some codes. That’s the point of this website – to help people get their hands on Robux without forking over cash for it.

If only someone on the web put together a list of a few ways to get free Robux…

If you can’t guess, that’s what we did!

On this page, we’ll walk through the ways to get free Robux. Note carefully that there aren’t any lies or scams here – we pride ourselves on honesty. You’re about to learn the legit methods behind how to get free robux.

There are quite a few scams out there and we don’t want to force you to waste time on one of them.

So, how to get free Robux of your own? It’s not too complicated…

Here we go:

How to Get Free Robux – 10 Ways

1. Selling Game Passes

One of the best ways possible to start. This here requires nothing but cleverness and the willpower to get going.

You earn game passes by building on Roblox; every game pass is useful for bonuses in different games. All you need to do is sell these game passes in exchange for Robux. That makes this one of the most underrated ways when it comes to how to get free robux.

Note: as with many things inside the world of Roblox, selling game passes is more effective when you’re a member of the Builders’ Club. Significantly more; being a member of the Builder’s Club will get you 70% of the sale (and give away 30% commission). While, not being a member of the BC means that you only get 10% of what’s paid, and give away a 90% commission.

That’s a crazy difference! Keep in mind, though, that the BC is a paid membership. But still, think of how much more you get to keep of game pass sales proceedings.

2. Use a Free Robux Generator

Here’s one time-tested method that I always recommend. we’ve got a free robux generator for you to try.

Our Robux generator is a web-based application that does exactly what it says. If you’d like you can compare it up against other free Robux generators on the web; but you’ll find that ours is the best.

No survey, no verification, no nothing involved. No scams. All you have to do is head to our site’s home page and get going.

So, use ours and get some free robux codes you can implement.

3. Using App Store Credits & Codes

Now here is where the rubber meets the road. Are you ready? Using the app store is probably my favorite strategy when it comes to getting free robux. Getting free app store credits can be a heck of a lot simpler than getting free Robux in other ways. You can then flip them for Robux.

In fact, whenever someone asks us how to get free in-game cash; this is the way to go. If you don’t want to worry about scraping around for free Robux, why now get Google play or iTunes App store credits and flip those into Robux?

iTunes Credit

So, let’s say you have some iTunes or Apple App store credits lying around (if you’re an Apple or iOS user). The first thing you’ll need is an iTunes store login.

Download the iOS Roblox app onto our phone and buy Robux with free credits. It’s that simple.

Now, how to earn those free credits?

There are tasks and survey rewards sites that you can use, for a start. head over to one like the one we suggested in this article. You can also sign up for newsletters that will offer you points and rewards in the store; you can then redeem them for free iTunes credit.

Google Play Store

For anyone who doesn’t have an Android, or is about to get one – the Google Play Store is the official store of Android OS users with apps, games, music and more.

There’s free stuff and there’s paid versions of things; with all the chances out there you to get free Google Play cards, codes, etc., you’ll find that you can often flip credits into free downloads and gifts. And since there are tons of sites out there that give you offers to get free Play Store credits, why not spend what you get on Robux?

There are task and survey sites that offer you free in-store credits for downloads.

Once you have installed the Android Roblox app, head over to the site and redeem your credits for Robux. Use these free Play Store codes to redeem points in Roblox, or other games like Clash of Clans.

4. Join the Builders Club

Does 15 Robux daily – literally every day – sound good to you? How about more than that?

This method; purchasing the Builders’ club membership through the Roblox website, isn’t necessarily free. However, when you sign up, you not only get daily allowance, you get the opportunity to earn way more Robux in the game.

Yep, a BC membership comes with a lot of benefits. You’re allowed to redeem various offers and rewards, too.

On top of that, depending on the tier of BC membership you purchase, you can end up actually earning more cash than just 15 per day.

  • Tier 1: Regular Builders Club. This offers 15 Robux per day, and costs $5.95/ month.
  • Tier 2: Turbo Builders’ Club. This gives you 35 Robux per day, every day, and costs $11.95 / month.
  • Tier 3: Outrageous Builders’ Club. This, gives you so many features it’s hard to go through them all! It’ll run you about $19.95/ month, though.

On top of that, Roblox now gives you single-person starting packages to all the BC members.

You can purchase the Super Value kit, for about $40, that offers you 4500 Robux + 2000 Robux free as a signing bonus.

There are always new developments and promotions in the pipeline with free gifts once you’re part of the BC.

5. Freelancing Your Services (design, scripting)

So, the more skilled you are at designing, scripting, and building, the better. There isn’t a talented creative out there in Roblox that isn’t getting offered Robux for their time and creations. That could be you! Get hired by people to create something in exchange for robux at the group recruiting plaza.

If you’re asking yourself how to get free Robux, this is probably the #1 strategy I can think of. Head on over to the Group Recruiting Plaza and you’ll see what we mean.

I suggest specializing and trying to see your time, or pre-made creations, for some Robux in return. Look for anyone who needs some help building or designing games at the Group Recruiting Plaza. Once you have your first client, take the ball and run with it.

You help them create what they’re looking for and you earn and return. However, if you’re talented enough, it doesn’t stop just there. You could become an in-demand designer and code builder yourself. Get paid up to 2000 Robux for building for other players – a really good rate.

6. Using Rixty Codes

Let’s talk about Rixty…

Free Rixty codes are an excellent method when it comes to how to get free Robux. Take your codes and redeem them for in-game cash you can spend any way you like.

Now, Rixty codes typically can be earned via the usual assortment of points sites; few points sites offer Rixty codes, so you’ll need to pick the ones that are worth your time. Once you take the short surveys, or sign up for the newsletters, you can earn your first Rixty rewards.

Rixty codes allow you to exchange them into codes for thousands of different games, including Roblox, along with Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, etc. All things considered, Rixty is an excellent and convenient currency to have.

Once you trade your Rixty codes in, you’ll get rewards points that you can redeem for Robux. The Rixty company will email you with your codes and rewards points.

Thankfully, no downloads are involved here, unless you choose to earn your points through app downloads.

You can even purchase a Builders’ Club membership using your Rixty points. Head over to the site, log in, and select Buy Now / Upgrade Now for signing up. Select Rixty as the form of payment.

7. Selling & Trading in the Builders Club

I know that it’s technically not free, but if you sit back and think about it…

If you get a Builder’s Club membership, there are a lot of benefits that come out of the deal. #1 among them is the ability to get Robux way more easily, and keep more of your Robux. Start collecting collectibles and get ready to flip them in the Builders’ Marketplace.

In particular, the Builders’ Club is famous for its ability to trade and trade rates. You can trade your own personal objects for free Robux. Practically anything that isn’t nailed down!

You can create collectibles of your own and trade them away. What you need to do is use the Club to get started. Then, once you’ve signed up, get an idea of how much demand there is for an item, and either create it or sell yours.

For example, a limited-edition collectible like a sword can fetch 1,500 Robux and up.

8. Tasks & Surveys Sites

Now survey and tasks sites get a bad rap when it comes to how to get free Robux. Like…a really bad rap. I’d start with this as one of the simplest ways, though, if you can avoid scam sites.

Try GrabPoints – it comes highly recommended and makes a simple process that actually results in rewards (and is worth your time).

The tasks that you can get Robux for include watching videos, completing offers and working on surveys. then all you need to do is trade this points in for Robux or rewards.

GrabPoints actually extends beyond Robux – they go from cash to gift cards. take the cash and use it to buy Robux; simple. The gift cards are also suited well to gamers.

Robux and GrabPoints go well together; it’s a non-scam that legitimately gets you free Robux if you work at it. Very simple to do!

9. Report Violations of Game Guidelines

If you don’t mind being a tattletale (just kidding). This is a simple way to fly as well.

Roblox is meant to be inclusive for all (backgrounds, ages, etc.) and family friendly. That’s a strict part of their guidelines. But there are always a few folks who push back against that…

Repeat violators need to be called out and banned; Roblox counts on users to self-police – it’s a big deal in the game. If people are threatening the community feel and everyone’s enjoyment, step up and report them. It’s also an effective way to get free Robux, so everyone wins.

Over 55 million people play a month; there’s no way the admins alone are going to notice everything or catch everyone. Rewards for reporting poor behavior and abuse include nice prizes. Roblox rewards you when you report 100 violations.

10. Selling Game Creations & Collectibles

One of the more underrated methods when it comes to getting paid with Robux. Creativity is everything inside the game of Roblox, and the more you have / can show off, the better off you’re going to be. So, where does that leave you if you aren’t creative?

You might need to find another game, or switch to paying methods.

If, however, you can show off some ideas and put together a list of impressive custom designs, you could be commanding big Robux. You can show off your great design skills in the Roblox Studio and get paid.

Selling buildings and other structures you designed, for example.

You can also swap in your creations. Head over to the Group Recruiting Plaza to start trading and selling items, gives, and collectibles. People will pay attention to you and buy.

You can also sell game collectibles like hats, shirts and pants, to people who love those individual items and want them.