How to Buy Robux- Step by Step

Let’s start with the simple facts – Roblox is one of the most popular multi-player games in the world.  A user-generated massively multiple online game, Roblox Corporation has developed and distributed this game to a wide variety of consoles, platforms and operating systems. It’s as much a game engine as it is a game. Developer studios and people can create and distribute game of their own.


There’s no age limit to Roblox. People of all age ranges play it – children, youths, teenagers and adults. Online gaming has taken massive strides forward in recent years, and people will flock to a game that everyone can play.

Indeed, Roblox is one of the most popular game design platforms out there. While the games inside Roblox and meant for all ages, they’re full of different gameplay and creativity that can appeal to kids or adults, depending on the server.

The game’s so diverse, inter-connected and deep, that it has its own currency and economic system – Robux. And getting Robux is a diverse topic in and of itself.

What is Robux, and How to Buy Robux?

Robux is the currency involved in the matter how you like to play the game, or what server you log into, you’re going to need Robux. You can earn Robux a lot of different ways, which we cover on this website. There’s almost too many ways to count! Let’s go into more detail…

If you want to buy in game properties like outfits, accessories, cars, clothes and so on, this is the way to do it. Robux is basically chased by all in the game; as a result, you really need to know what you’re doing and how to get yourself some.

Known as the primary currency behind all item trades, fees, and becoming a member, all paid items in the game’s catalog can only be bought by Robux. User created content like game passes and sales are also based on the same currency. It was introduced on May 14, 2007 as a replacement of Roblox Points.

Methods of Payment Accepted

Roblox released the ability to buy the currency through their website back in September 2008. Roblox can also be purchased through an app (established in December 2012), a Roblox Card (available at many stores such as GameStop, Walmart and more), and other ways too. Users without a credit card can use Rixty, a tool to purchase gift cards. There are also premium memberships that give you a Robux bonus on a regular basis.

To summarize, here’s how to buy Robux in different ways:

PayPal: When you’re using PayPal, you can purchase either a membership or Robux after you’re directed to the site’s login to complete the purchase. It’s really that simple.

All Credit / Debit Cards: Yep, if you already have a major card of any kind, you’re good.

Gift Cards: Prepaid? Yep, you’re good – you can use a prepaid card as long as you first register it with a billing address. You can also buy Roblox game cards at a variety of different stores, as well as over the web.

The Mobile App: Whether you’re using Amazon, Google Ply or Items, it’s easy to may payments via the app. Roblox accepts iTunes and Google Play credit as a safe and reliable way to purchase.

Xbox: Yep, you can also use the Roblox Xbox app or buy Robux via the Xbox live site.

Let’s talk about what Robux is useful for, and then move into how to buy Robux.


Uses of Robux

If you really want to enjoy all the diverse features of the worlds and games that Roblox has to offer, you might want to looking at getting some Robux in your account.

Robux is necessary for all the latest features and innovation that Roblox has to offer. You know, the premium access, members only stuff. With Robux, you’ll be able to become a member as well. You can personalize people, places, appearances and other things with Robux. It helps improve your enjoyment and access to the game, which is the main reasons everyone wants to know how to buy robux.

Almost all of the worlds and games contained inside Roblox are made by the Roblox community, and a few require Robux to enjoy in full. If you want to customize your avatar’s experience, knowing how to buy Robux or get it elsewhere is essential – the hats, accessories, weapons and so on are worth Robux (real money). Collecting and tradition limited edition items is also essential for getting paid big Robux.

If you want to be a developer and design games on the platform, you do need some serious programming knowledge as well as the money to rent a server. All kinds of games can be developed on this platform – all types of gaming genres. Games can become pretty popular, and successful ones can make you money back – so you’ll get ROI on the investment.

You can also advertise and sponsor your own game on the site by bidding via Robux. Players can also create game passes, which is pretty important – give customers perks for buying a game pass.

There are developer products, like badges, accessories and so on, reward gamers for doing a certain task.

Bear in mind Roblox gets a percentage of sales for transactions like these.

Is Buying Robux Safe?

Of course! In order to learn how to buy Robux, check out the steps below.

How to Buy Robux – Steps Involved

Here’s how to buy Robux – just follow the steps below.

On a PC

  1.       Head to the Robux Site, linked here.
  2.       Sign into your account.
  3.       Click the price next to the amount of Robux you are interested in purchasing.
  4.       Select your payment method and click continue from there.
  5.       Enter your payment details.
  6.       If you’re paying with a Roblox / Rixty card, enter the card’s PIN and click the Redeem button to complete the payment.
  7.       If you’re paying with a credit or debit card, enter your card information and your email address.
  8.       If you’re using PayPal, follow the on-screen instructions, sign into your account, and complete the payment.
  9.       Click Pay Now / Submit Order (the green button), after the payment is processed, your Robux is added to your account.


On Mobile / Tablet

  1.       Open up the Roblox App.
  2.       Click on the R$ icon – near the top of the screen and next to your balance.
  3.       Choose the amount of Robux you want to purchase. The price of packages appears next to the amount of Robux you’re buying.
  4.       Confirm your purchase when a pop-up appears.
  5.       Follow the on-screen instructions to pay. Depending on the operating system, you’ll pay by either:
  6.       Google Play store if you’re on an Android
  7.       App Store if you’re on iOS
  8.       Confirm and the Robux amount will be added to your total balance.


Buying Robux (& Receiving the Most) via Builders Club

There’s a membership system in game, called Roblox Builders Club, that’s a pretty generous way to get extra Robux via a stipend. Why not give that a shot? Sure, it’ll cost a little money monthly, but it can be worth it if you have a bit of extra income and are really passionate about the game.

Here’s a few reasons:

  •         Joining Roblox Builders Club gives you free Robux every day your log in.
  •         The cheapest membership tier offers you 15 daily Robux, while the most expensive tier gives you 60 Robux per month.

The Roblox Builders Club tiers area:

  •         Classic: $5.95 per month, 450 Robux per month (if you sign in every day).
  •         Turbo: $11.95 per month, 1050 Robux per month (if you sign in every day).
  •         Outrageous: $19.95 per month; 1800 Robux per month (if you sign in every day).

If you take a look at the overall cost of membership vs. how much Robux you get, it becomes a worthwhile investment. You have to regularly play though.


Robux Prices

Now that you’ve learned how to buy Robux, ow can you spend Robux? There are a few different ways. Here’s a list of purchase that you can make via Robux, and the associated prices.

  •         Creating a New Rank for Your Group costs 25 Robux.

o   Note: You must be a group owner.

  •         Creating Groups will run you 100 Robux.

o   Note: You must have a premium membership to do this.

  •         Uploading Audio Files to the Library – this has diverse costs depending on how long the audit file is; the cost range is between 20 to 350 Robux.
  •         Creating a Game Badge: 100 Robux per badge
  •         Uploading a Thumbnail will depend on the thumbnail format.

o   An image Thumbnail is 10 Robux.

o   A Video Thumbnail is 500 Robux.

  •         For the purpose of Building a Clan, users can play 500 Robux
  •         Changing Your Username costs 1000 Robux

How Much Robux Can You Spend?

How much money, can people spend at once in this game? You’d be surprised! Typically, most people who play don’t carry more much more than 5000 or so Robux in their account. But, as you go up the ladder a little bit, the more established players have larger percentages of the wealth.

If you hop on YouTube, you’ll see some of the big, established players in the game making videos in which they essentially go on spending sprees, which is kind of mind blowing. Here’s an example.

This user attempted to purchase over 100000 Robux in a single live stream. Then after, he turned right around and blew it, spending it on as many expensive items as he could get his hands on. It’s a pretty crazy video all things. I’ve never seeing a one purchase this much Robux and turn right around and spend it and such a short period of time.

So yeah, $600 spent on Refilling his account.

This is just an example of the type of transactions that happen in this game every day. If you take this game seriously, and a lot of players do, it can be easy to rack up quite a bill overtime on refilling your count with new purchases. The game actually has security systems Built-in to ensure and verify that all transactions are legitimate, otherwise players can end up spending Money they shouldn’t be spending.

YouTube is actually filled with a variety of different videos in which people are dropping huge amounts of cash and Robux. While there’s a lot more opportunities to earn Robux and necessarily just having to spend money on it, it’s a great demonstration of how to buy raw bucks over video

So, if you’re buying Robux, there’s a variety of payment options and payment plans in the catalog. Most people I know just sign up for the builders club if they’re played the game for more than a year appeared the builders club is probably the best Bang you can get for your buck in terms of getting a free allowance of daily cash in the game, on top of all sorts of perks and benefits when it comes says sales commissions.

Is Robux Refundable?

The short answer is no. When you’re purchasing Robux, you’re purchasing a real-world product (the in-game currency) that is non-refundable, and non-negotiable. That’s why we stress to first ensure you have permission (if you’re a kid).

I’ve seen several people complaining on forums as well. Why can’t we use real-world currency to buy Robux?

The short answer is, there are dozens of real-world currencies out there and buying Robux would get pretty messy very quickly. Also, take a dollar – it’s worth a lot of Robux. It’d be pretty hard for the game to issue you 0.55 cents worth of Robux back in a refund, wouldn’t it?

So yeah, it isn’t practical to not first convert real world currency to Robux before you play.

Real-world currency value is changing all the time; Robux is as well and the game does a good job keeping track of how much the average Robux is worth compared to, say, the average dollar.