How to Get Robux & Facts About the Currency

Roblox is pretty addictive and if you’re playing, you’ll discover that.

Yep, it’s a social network, and any community of gamers / users (over 70 million of them) will have currency to exchange for goods and services. So, getting Robux is pretty important all things considered.


Roblox gamers are hard at work building virtual worlds of their own, where you and other members can interact with the diverse landscapes within. Anyone can create and show off their world-building skills by sharing block-based architecture with other members of the game.

There are, literally, thousands of user-generated environments, games and platforms to try. It’s endless. That’s what makes the game so addictive, and makes Robux so necessary – showing off your creativity.

From race tracks to museums, from theme parks for farmlands, being a superhero and more. Every Roblox game is something new, unique and different. So, it never gets old.

Tons of in-game special features that you need to succeed. So, knowing how to get robux is essential.

Robux, the official currency of the massively popular online multiplayer game Roblox, is no laughing matter. Every one of the 70 million game players wants a little extra Robux in their account. In that regard, Robux is just as valuable as normal society currency like the dollar or the euro.

Money makes the world go around, folks, and Robux is no different. It’s even got its own symbol, R$. And it’s just like earning real life cash – challenging to keep, you need it, and you can’t stop thinking about it.

You mainly acquire Robux through paid transactions or selling content.

That’s the gist of the idea of this article, in a nutshell. But let’s go a little deeper into how to get Robux fast. And, if you’re ambitious and want to be rich with in-game cash, you’re in the right place.

There are quite a few scams out there…let’s be honest…fake generators, videos promising things they can’t give, etc. The number of hoops you have to jump through on the web these days to get Robux is unreal.

People will usually start by searching for scams, or watch fake videos on how to generate Robux, and give up. Most of that stuff is just a waste of time though.

If you happen to Google ways to get free robux, you’ll see a few of them. On page 1, no less. It’s pretty cruel. If you have a lack of Robux, don’t get fooled by these silly pranks. All of the methods on this page have been tested; we’re not here to waste your time.

Ideas to Get Robux Quickly

The long and short of it is, it depends on how creative you are. The more creative, crafty and forward-thinking you are, the more you’ll be able to buy low, sell / trade high and so on.

Roblox is a social community first, second and third. You aren’t going to make money unless you contribute to other people’s experiences in the game.

Design Custom Shirts. This is an easy one and pays off every time. You understand fashion? When people see other people wearing something or starting a trend, they want that item too. So, having a group of people wear your shirts, and create more shirts (for a fee) for people to come and buy them from you.

If you’re into design, this is right up your alley as well. You can put together some shirts that’ll really draw attention and get other people jumping aboard the wave.

The Builders Club: Now this is the most time honored and simple method of getting Robux. The Builders’ club, Roblox’s favorite method. They incentivize the hell out of membership., so at least give it a thought. Once you sign up, you receive a monthly stipend of daily cash plus a $100 signing bonus.

There are different membership tiers, of course, and the higher your monthly premium, the more Robux you get in return. Each level of membership offers a new wave of benefits including gifts, an allowance of daily Robux, and bonuses for signing up.

  • Regular: $5.95/ month
  • Turbo: $11.95 / month
  • Outrageous: $19.95/ month

Building & Architecture: There are a ton of groups inside Roblox who need designers. Particularly, people who are good at building and helping them to construct custom-to-order buildings. So, if you have skills, head over to the Design Studio and offer your abilities in exchange for pay.

Developing a Game: Now this is a complicated method, not necessarily simple or easy. It’s risky, and takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge. But the rewards are pretty high if you manage to pull it off.

Creating and monetizing your own in-platform game is a great way to earn Robux. It’s probably the most lucrative method there is, if you think about it; a popular Roblox game can earn thousands…hundreds of thousands…even millions in Robux over time. This is how and why studios will band together to create in–platform games.

Note that Roblox doesn’t really explain how much cash they take from in-game transactions; but it’s safe to say Roblox takes its cut before any money flows to developers. While you can create and monetize games into Robux for free, you’ll have to join Roblox DevEX and be a part of Outrageous Builders Club if you want to turn Robux into real cash. It’s worth it if you’re serious about making money through games of your own.

Buying Robux Directly: Let’s keep it very simple, buying Robux is a fast and simple way to get Robux! The website itself has a payment processor that accepts all major forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and more. so, Robux can easily be had if you have some disposable income and the willpower to buy.

And, like most things, the more you buy, the better value you get over time. Just make sure you check with your parents first if you’re a kid – don’t go using their credit card without asking.

You can also purchase Robux through a Roblox Card, which you can get at stores in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. If you have an active premium membership, you’ll receive a Robux bonus when you buy.

Joining a Group & Group Funds: Some groups are more exclusive, elite, and hard to be part of than others. But say you sign up for the right group. Guess what’ll happen? Group funds! the owner can generously give you some free Robux.

Robux in group funds income in various different formats; including merchandise, game passes, and so on. Note that, on top of that, a group can sell items in the Catalog as if they’re one individual user; but all Robux earned is deposited into Group Funds, which can then be shared among members.

Designing and Selling Items of your Own: Create your own merchandise, get it popular and worth money, then sell it. The thing about Roblox and popularity with the young crowd means that pop culture and fashion culture is very relevant; people want to wear what they see other people wearing in real life.

That means sportswear, designer brands and so on. To create clothes and so on, you need to be a member of Builders Club. You can then sell your own custom clothing and keep 70% of the proceeds. Ideas for things to sell include hats, t shirts, pants, custom shirts and more.

Trading Limited Items: The art of buying low and selling high applies to any area in life. Chief among them is collectibles and rare limited-edition items that you buy, sit on for a while, then sell when people can’t get them anymore.

Prices, of course, vary depending on the RAP (recent average price) and the demand. If you have an older account that has items that have increased in value over the years, now’s a good time to think about selling! If you have an item that’s LimitedU (items limited by quantity and having a unique serial number) you’ll be able to flip them for over 3x the asking prices, usually.

The Game’s Richest Players

Alright, you ready to know who the game’s richest players are? You won’t believe the amount of wealth these players have managed to amass for themselves.

Here are the top 4 richest Roblox users of all time. These guys have cash, items, and collectibles. You won’t, honestly, believe how rich these dudes are. Out of a game with 70 million players; can you imagine being top 5? That’s the top 0.0000057% – an insanely small fraction, almost nonexistent.

The players on this list stand out because they have amassed an insane number of collectors’ items in the game. There are so much collectors’ items in this list, it’s not even funny. All these artifacts, items, and objects are on exclusive lists and have like 15-20 owners across the game; and they’ve got multiple classes of them.

#1 Stickmasterluke (28.1 million as of 2017).

The man, the myth, the legend. Stickmasterluke is the #1 richest player in the entire game and it is not really close, either. How do you amass all that wealth? It’s mind boggling to think about. The dude is a legend in the game of Roblox. With items like 5 Dominuses alone, Vesper TLo and more…. It’s unreal.

#2: Linkmon99 (22.58 million as of 2017).

Insane! Double the amount of person #3 on this list. With items like the Dominus Frigidus (11 million Robux) and the Domino Crown. An insane list of expensive items; he’s amassed practically all the wealth a guy can.

#3: Pieperson50 (11.76 million as of 2017)

A mind boggling amount. He’s got rare items like the Domino Crown, the Red Sparkle Time Fedora (1.7 million Robux) and more. Again, a crazy amount and very expensive items. The Dominous Empreuys, too. The Domino Crown – (1.43 million Robux). He’s got that too. Again, insanely pricey items.

#4: Lando6400 (7.3 million as of 2017)

He’s got 7 million Robux of his own. Of all is items and collectibles, he’s got 989 limited edition items. That adds up to tons. His most expensive item, the Purple Sparkle Time Fedora, is worth 1.3 million Robux alone. That’s insane. He’s also got the Dominus Auerus (440K) Blackvalk (close to half a million) and more.

Robux’s Current Value

So how much is 1 Robux worth compared to real life currency, all things considered? The answer to that is fairly hard to define. Roblox keeps things under wraps for the most part.

The value of 1 Robux has gone down since the game began. Back in the day, someone with 3K Robux was considered very wealthy, now people on the list above have several millions in their account.

There are also quite a few scams out there built to prey upon people who don’t understand the value of Robux relative to what they’re giving pup for it; so always be aware and look at current exchange rates in the Developer’s Exchange, along with on-site prices. Since Robux is often acquired by spending real, actual money, you’ll want to be smart. Most items on the site can only be acquired by having the currency.

Scammers will try and prey on the unaware with the goal of stealing Robux or valuable information / assets.

New Robux is generated on a daily basis, making it easier to accumulate more and more. New members get a daily stipend from Being in the Builders’ Club alone. That contributes to the inflation of the value.

Like any other economic model, it all ties back to supply and demand; if you sell items in the catalog for Robux, and allow people to exchange Robux for real cash in the Builder’s Club and Developer’s Exchange…

Yep, the value of 1 Robux will continue to go down.

According to the Developer’s Exchange, 400 Robux is equal to just $1 USD.